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Welcome to my web page

Since my childhood I have been collecting stamps, bodges, coins, beer souvenirs, calendars, Kinder eggs, cigarette packets and other things. My first business cards I got in 1990 and I thought to myself I could start to collect them. I come from the Czech Republic and from this state I already have more than 25.000 business cards. On 30 June 2015 I had 40.000 business cards from 170 states of the world.


Dear visitors of my web page

I would like ask all the people who have unneeded business cards and who would throw them away to send those business cards to me. I also search other business cards collectors.


Thank you

I have been collecting business cards for many years and I have asked many people to send me their business cards, I cannot say thank you to all of them. For that reason I want to thank them through this web page. I want to thank also to all the people who are planning to send me their business cards.

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Jan Sagalinec